What makes a wedding successful? Yes, the couple should be in love and all, but do you really believe that is all you need? We need wedding planners, wedding gown, the feast, and the whole jamboree.

Most of us have been dreaming of the perfect wedding from our early teen years. You have to admit that every year the details changes, following trends now, are we?

That is why we have simplified the demanding task of having your dream wedding in vogue.


Recent wedding updates at Facebook or Instagram be like, corals, blush, grey, and ash blue. Everyone seems to be trending everyone, and some of them are even following every detail ending up with the same look.

Do not follow the crowd just like that, as clichéd as it may sound but do ‘follow your heart’, and our tips too. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be either of your favourite colours.

What’s trending is mixing colours that add cheer to your big day.

  • Blue + Emerald Green
  • Dusty Rose + Green
  • Yellow + Poppy + Magenta
  • Navy Blue + Yellow

Exactly, the combination sounds unsettling right! These hues are something new, something different and something exciting.


Raise your hand if you totally loved the Givenchy boat-necked wedding gown on Meghan Markle. What’s not to love? The simplicity, the silhouette that fit her so well, and the lace veil that adorned the quietness of the gown, I can go on.

Laces were a rage and are still going strong, but the modest design is back with a bang. Accessorise with sparkling jewellery and an unforgettable veil, and a bright smile, if that does not drop jaws, what will.

Choose the designs for the gown to fit your body type to accentuate your curves. Not everyone can pull off a mermaid or princess gown; let your body decide what shape you need.


Share the spotlight with the groom after all he is the better half of you. Unlike women, men usually wear a suit practically everywhere. Whether you are the groom, the father or a guest, the basic outfit will be a black suit and a tie. The 3-piece suit on the groom is simply stylish, and it matches the extravagance of the bride’s wedding gown.

Jon Snow knows nothing, except how to steal our hearts in a 3-piece suit on his wedding day. If you don’t love him already, now you do.


Organic fruits and vegetables aren’t the only things on our healthy list; wedding decors have taken the turn to nature as well. Indoor weddings have started to bring the outdoors in for a romantic fantasy.

We are witnessing greenery taking centre stage; dispersed from the stage to the entrance, even bouquets have gone green.

The abundance of foliage makes it comfortable to follow this idea.


OTT cakes are on top of to-do lists on a wedding plan. The rising talent and creativity of cake decorations never fail to awe us. So why not display impeccable art that you can eat. The decorative finishing, edible flowers and ribbons that look so real and other props that make us look twice is definitely a show stopper in the celebration.

Scented candles are not there just for display, but the fragrance allows more romance and adds oomph to the decorations. Keep it burning or not; it will discreetly give a touch of finesse to the whole wedding.

Replace rice with colourful confetti to fulfil the tradition for bestowing prosperity and fertility on the newly wedded couple.

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