Keeping it green with wedding flowers and alternatives

Love is in the air, but if youre having nightmare visions of the impact on the planet that your impending big day will create then we have the post for you. 

It is no secret that weddings can create a whole lost of mess.  In fact, one estimate even said that a wedding with 100 guests can create a whopping 400lbs of waste by the end of it. 

While there are lots of ways you can make this special day more sustainable, we are concentrating on an element of weddings that can significantly add to your big days carbon footprint- Flowers.    

Get your flowers from reputable sources 

When it comes to picking out the flowers, the best thing you can do is make sure that you are getting them from the best sources possible.  

One of the ways you can do this is being aware of what is in season when you are buying and only work with florists who share that vision. If you have your heart set on ranunculus for your November wedding, chances are you will be able to get them but it’s going to be shipped or flown in from another country. Go with what is in season to avoid undue impact on the planet. Seasonal also means better quality as the flowers are at their freshet and most stunning.  

If you are planning on having your flowers deliveredchoose a supplier that is in your area. Bloom Magic flower delivery to Birmingham is a great example for an eco-friendly Brummie wedding. They carefully source their flowers from local suppliers cutting down on unnecessary mileage and also use seasonal blooms to give you the look you want.   

Grow your own 

If you really want to make sure you are using an eco-conscious supplier, look no further than yourself! If you have a large enough garden (or family/ friend who does), taking matters into your own hands may be the greenest way to get the flowers that you want.  

You’ll need plenty of time and decent gardening know-how to pull off a home grown bouquet but you can’t get much more local that that! If you are looking for advice on growing flowers organically check out these tips from Garden Organic.  

Get upcycling 

Bouquets and boutonnieres don’t need to be flowers.  

You might be surprised with what you can craft into a gorgeous bouquet or buttonhole. Buttons, brooches and even measuring tapes have all been turned into bouquets for eco conscious love birds to wear or carry with pride.  

Raid sewing boxes, craft tubs and scour charity shops and jumble sales to find interesting items to turn into one of a kind creations that won’t cost the earth, both in money terms and environmentally.    

Be aware that this can take a serious amount time to get right so don’t think of this as a last minute option. 

Consider fabulous fakes  

If you love the look of flowers, they don’t need to be real. There is some amazing silk, felt and other material options out there. If you want to get crafty again, you could create beautiful blooms from scrap materials, old clothes and scarves.  

If you don’t feel like leaving your wedding day look up to your DIY skills then consider renting artificial flowers. Silk hand crafted options are available to rent at very reasonable prices. Reusing is always going to be a greener option than single use items and the level of realism available makes this a perfect option if you have your heart set on specific flowers.  

Who said centrepieces need to be made of flowers?  

No one that’s who! While it is very common to see large arrangements taking pride of place at wedding tables, they are by no means your only option. Instead of filling the table with flowers, go for a hand crafted statement.  

Self-confessed bookworms could stack beautiful books from their collection on the table with some strategically placed candles. If you want greenery, then consider using potted plants or succulents as your centrepieces. These can then be replanted or do double duty as wedding favours that guests take away with them.    

With a bit of creativity, you can pay homage to your interest and keep true to your desire to make as little impact on the planet as possible. We can’t wait to see what environmentally conscious solutionyou come up with.  

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