It’s a great honour when one of your best friends or a family member asks you to be the best man at their wedding. But behind all the celebration and merriment- the most meaningful yet arguably daunting thought is the speech given by the best man on the wedding day.

To ensure a smooth delivery here are some useful pointers to minimise rambling and sharing wrong stories that will eventually embarrass not only the groom but yourself.


As the wedding approaches, there are lots of events that could perhaps distract you from writing the speech. So it’s always best to brainstorm and plan in advance what jokes, quotes and stories you might want to use. The goal of the speech is to brighten the evening with stories of the groom’s past that would highlight his character.


Nothing is worse than listening to a drunken man blabber and ruin a perfect night. Sure it’s a time to celebrate, but you won’t want to say something that you might regret later. Alcohol may take the edge off of all the pressure but for one day hold back on the drinks. Rely on your own confidence to enunciate words loudly and clearly and give a killer best man speech!


Set the mood of the speech by giving gratitude to the people who made the day possible. Single out by mentioning the bride and the groom’s parents by name and don’t forget to thank the guests.


Variety will keep your speech interesting and strike an emotional chord with your audience. Make a connection with them by telling a story about how the bride and groom balance one another. Relate a funny anecdote that would bring laughter and cheer from the audience.


You’d think this is common sense, but people somehow forget and include past relationships, previous marriages/divorces, politics/religion, drinking and adult humour in their speech. You should avoid anything negative about the marriage, in general. Steer clear of anything uncomfortable that might leave the audience feeling awkward. And most importantly, lay off on the inside jokes. You can keep it for later between the groom and yourself.


The best man’s speech isn’t the only speech the audience will hear on the wedding day. It is best to keep it short and succinct, so the audience isn’t fidgety and ready to eat the cake during your speech.


Of course, a funny best man speech will have the attention of the audience but if stand-up isn’t your forte, you better not force it. Remember to be yourself, be relaxed and raise your glass at the end and toast to the bride and groom. Ending the speech with a quote will be an advantage as it will sum up all you want to say in one line. Have a clear cut finish and end your speech on a high.

Remember to be yourself and let the speech flow naturally using these tips. You are guaranteed to impress everyone!

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